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Music and Movement: YYoga Launches Spotify Channel

July 3rd, 2017

We’ve all been there at least once. We’ve felt our legs shake in Chair pose in YHot, or dreaded that final round of burpees in YFit that we know is coming our way, but what gets us through is one defining element: music.

Music can set the tone for the class to come. The playlist is carefully crafted to help support your body and mind for what you are about to experience. YYoga offers a variety of classes led by different instructors who all bring their own unique flavour to each session, and music is an integral part of how they shape and differentiate each practice. Not every teacher may choose to play music, but the ones that do use it to create an environment that will in essence set you up for the next 45 to 90 minutes.

A Yin playlist, for example, could consist of soothing and soft melodies, classical music, chanting vocals, or nature-inspired sounds to create a meditative atmosphere and help you relax. The up-tempo beats in more active classes like YFit or YSculpt on the other hand, help motivate you to move faster and to keep in stride with the music to get a better sweat and an overall appreciation for the class.
Music is distracting but not in the way you think. It allows us let go and just be in the moment.  When you hear a repetitive rhythm, your body and mind can sync to it and boost your focus to help you go deeper into a pose. Admit it, when you’re in a YFit class and that Britney Spears or Kendrick Lamar song comes on, you get in the zone. Trying to match your movement to the beats per minute can mute that the inner voice that’s telling you to quit.  The release of endorphins encourages you to push a little bit harder, and singing along can make you forget that you’ve been planking for almost a minute straight… your pupils dilate, your heart rate increases, and most importantly, the cerebrum (the part of your brain in charge of your body’s movement) becomes more active. So in essence: music makes you move! 

Want to get into the groove? Get pumped before a class? Stay zen after a yoga sesh? Follow the YYoga Spotify channel and check out music playlists curated and inspired by our amazing teachers and the tunes they play in all of our classes! Heard a tune in class you like? Tag @YYoga and #YYogaTunes on any social network and let us know what you want to hear!  With new playlists being added all the time, check out this month's releases: Late Night YHot, Flow, Meditation and Jess Bowman's Floor Barre. 

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