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Maple - connect with a doctor online

March 20th, 2020

YYOGA is doing everything we can to make sure our community has access to classes and amazing resources right at your fingertips.

As an option for those looking for easy remote access to healthcare-- Maple connects you with doctors and other healthcare providers online, via text, audio, or video. Their app allows you to  get screened for a number of ailments and illnesses with just three easy steps. 

Once you’re logged in, select the screening provider, describe your symptoms and connect with a doctor. 

Through the app, doctors can also issue prescriptions so you don’t have to go into a walk-in clinic. 

Maple also has a number of blogs with tons of information here. You can learn more  about COVID-19, online therapy and other specialties they offer, including lactation consulting, dermatology, naturopathy, and much more.  

In B.C., in-person and virtual online visits are covered by the Government of B.C. and health care providers: Maple's MSP video visits are covered by BC health insurance and billed directly to British Columbia's Medical Services Plan. Find out more here

For other provinces, until March 31st, Shoppers Drug Mart is funding online physician consults on Maple at no cost to patients between 7a.m. to 7p.m. This includes access to GPs for advice, diagnoses, and prescriptions in any province where virtual care is not funded by provincial health plans. 

Click here to get your free physician consult on Maple

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