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Launch of Live Streamed Classes!

March 30th, 2020

You may have noticed that over the past two weeks we’ve been testing out various live streaming methods. 

Connecting you directly to the teachers you love and giving you options to maintain your practice from home has been one of our priorities.

You’ve also told us that you love having both YYOGA at Home AND live classes so you can have both access to a big library of options and also have the opportunity to connect live with others (which is so important right now). So, we went to work to come up with a better way for you to do that.

We’ve decided to take a small step back from offering live classes on social media in favour of a new tool, making it easier for us to bring you more classes weekly!

With these changes, we thought we’d do a round up of ways you can practice from home with us (click to expand):

YYOGA at Home

We have hundreds of pre-recorded classes, ranging from 5-75 minutes, plenty of tutorials to help you advance your practice, and replays of some of our live streams available.



  • Choose from a monthly ($7.99 USD) or annual subscription ($79 USD) -- and start with 14 days for free!

Live Streamed Classes (on Zoom)

A weekly schedule of virtual live classes with your favourite teachers (and maybe even a new class style we’re testing *hint hint*).

Join other community members, interact with the teacher and each other right in the moment. Classes can also now include music (teachers choice).

IMPORTANT: To participate in these classes, you must ensure your email address on file in our booking system is up-to-date (or you won’t receive the live stream link).



  • $6 + tax per class

Live Streams on Instagram

Occasional special live stream moments with select teachers, musicians, partners, and more.



  • Free

As always, thank you for your support during this incredibly difficult time.

You are all amazing -- and we are feeling your love every day. Thank you.

See you on the mat (from a safe distance) for some virtual high fives, epic playlists, a bit of sweat and hopefully a few smiles.




Question: ​I already have a membership (annual, month to month, builders or YYOGA at Home subscription) but I’m being told that I have to pay for these Live Stream classes. Is this true?​

These classes are not included in your membership (or subscription). This is an extra (and optional!) offering for our yogi friends who have asked for live classes. 

When our studios had to close we were sure to put all memberships on hold and will start them up as soon as we can reopen. These new live classes are being treated separately from your membership.

I signed up for the class but where’s the email with the link?

The email with the link will come from FitGrid and should show up in your inbox approx. 1 hr before the class goes live.

Does this reactivate my membership?

No it does not!

The class is starting shortly and it's not letting me register through the website!

The booking window closes approx. 30 minutes prior to class. This means you can't sign up less than 30 minutes before the class begins. It's important to leave a few minutes for the platforms we use to sync and for everyone who registered to receive the link. Keep your eyes out for the next class on the schedule!

How do I book classes on the app?

You book these classes through yyoga.ca! Check out our schedule.

I didn’t get an email with the link to the class.

Please confirm we have the correct email on file for you

  • Click on the My Info tab near the top of the screen
  • Double check your email address under the Personal column

How do I join the class once I have the link?

All you need to do is click the link and join via Zoom!

I am a member in Ontario. Can I use my existing MBO account to sign in to Zoom classes?

No - All of our Zoom classes are streamed through a central, BC MBO Account. To attend the Zoom classes, you will need to make a new account on our BC platform https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/mainclass?studioid=3353.

Why aren't there any classes in EST?

We are currently running these classes out of our head office in Vancouver. Anyone from EST is allowed to join but just must be mindful of the time change.

Will you feature any Toronto teachers?

We will be featuring many of our teachers from BC and hopefully will be coordinating to feature Toronto teachers in the near future. Keep an eye on the schedule for your faves!

My email account is correct on my MBO account but I still didn’t receive an email.

Please make sure you're watching out for an email from FitGrid and not YYOGA. Be sure to also check your junk mail.

I can't cancel my class.

You cannot cancel your reserved class after you've received the live stream link from Fit Grid. This link is usually sent within 1 hour of the class starting. 

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