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A Love Letter To Instructors

October 6th, 2017

In by Chrissy Abram

Thank you for creating space for us to explore and and develop every time we show up in your class. The teachers I intentionally carve out time in my schedule for are the ones that instill a true desire to be curious and push me to try out new ways of moving and thinking. Teachers are like magnets, their energy attracts others and ignites this wave of motivation to show up. Playlists, postures, flow and loading; the elements of a class we rely on teachers for but not the elements that determine if I show up or not. For me, their expression of compassion is the draw. When you step into a class led by one of these heartbeat teachers, compassion is illuminated throughout their class and it is clear that it is their true north that guides them. Just so we’re clear, compassion doesn’t mean you are delicate or soft. It means you care, you get it, you are also a student as much as you are a teacher. You are there with us.

So let me praise the teachers for a minute and share a few things that I notice beyond the flow, the songs and the physical elements.

My thanks to you…

Thanks for calming my nerves. How often have we walked into a workout with a nervous heart beat because the workout is led by an instructor that is famous for making your legs turn into JELL-O? There definitely is an element of embracing the unknown but unless you are a frequent class flyer or you are a rock star athlete, it can be a little intimidating and even a barrier. My nerves seem to ease when the instructors write our program on the wall. It seems as though they have taken a page out of the CrossFit world, but by eliminating the unknown, even if I only know what 10% of the workout is, my nervous jitters seem to ease. No surprises, please.

Thanks for giving me something to think about. A mantra, a different perspective, or a corny yoga joke. Whatever it is that you’d like to offer the class, everyone has their own unique way of doing this, we love it. Whether we are in restorative yoga or a sweat dripping YFit session the mind will wander off to thoughts. There might be a stream of thoughts comprised of moments that make us question our ability, our motivation or they even might end up looking like a grocery shopping list. Needless to say, thanks for keeping us in the present moment and guiding us along the way with your wisdom. 

Thanks for making me look forward to our next class together.  That something extra that you create in your class, that is a game changer. The class might have a dedicated 3 minute song where the teacher says, this one is for you and offers you nothing but to just feel or the breath work a teacher is known for at the start of their class, a check-in question that prompts sharing with your fellow sweat enthusiasts. Whatever it is you do in your class, keep doing it! We show up and tell our friends about that portion of your class. Thank you!

Okay, enough with the praise but in all honesty, your compassionate energy that gets expressed in a few of the ways listed above doesn’t go unnoticed. Yoga teachers, spin teachers, movement teachers, and meditation teachers, this one is for you. We see your passion, your grace and your ability to hold space for each of us. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Most of the time I am just too tired and sweaty after class to graciously thank you for it. You are a babe and please keep doing you, I will be back.

With gratitude,


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About YYoga Guest Blogger - Chrissy Abram

Chrissy is driven by authentic connection and managing creative projects that push the needle of possibility. She gets inspired by listening to top holistic health researchers and athletes that are passionate about their sport. You will find her leading athlete inspired projects for lululemon athletica’s innovation team, teaching restorative yoga and meditation around Vancouver, BC and running MNDSIGHT, her personalized mindfulness business that supports people in finding a practice. 

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