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5 Things Actually Making Students Go #Broke

September 5th, 2017

In Students

I don't even want to talk about how the summer is ending and that the whiff of September's 'Back to School' frenzy looms around the corner. I feel like it was just yesterday that we were done exams and chasing the sun, yet here we are. 

Unfortunately for us, September means the return of exam stress, lack of sleep, and having to say goodbye to that summer job (and income). It's back to rubbing your pennies together for another semester. 

But is it really? 

If you're anything like me, you're probably spending money on things that bring you instant satisfaction (shout out to that avocado toast I had last week) over things that are an investment in yourself. Don't believe me? 

Here are 5 things that you are definitely wasting your money on that could be put to better use: 

5. Your Social Life. 

Forget about the month, between the pre-drink, the cab, the cover, the shots at the bar, and the late night McDonald's run, you're spending over $100/night easily. 

4. Your Cafeteria Visits. 

Admit it, if the cafeteria lady doesn't already know you by name, she definitely knows that you're getting an order of waffle fries on your break...and a cheese bun, and whoa, when did the caf get a smoothie bar? 

3. Your Car. 

All cars mean nowadays is traffic, gas, and insurance. Instead, ditch the money-guzzler and look for another way to get around. Biking or walking are great ways to sneak in a warm up before class. Booking an EVO is another cash-friendly option! You can also opt for public transportation and, who knows, maybe you'll make a friend or two along the way. 

2. Your Data Consumption. 

If you're not spending over $100/month on your phone, you must not live in 2017. Don't lie, between the added data and overage charges you're spending at least $150/month on your phone bill. And no, "it's for Instagram" is not a good enough excuse.

1. Your Coffee Addiction. 

It's simple math. Every latte that you "can't start your morning without" equals yet another $100/month habit that's burning a hole in your pocket. Just buy a French Press and be done with it. Bags of coffee cost $12 and last you the entire month. 

So before you start throwing around money on "the necessities" while at the same time complaining that you're broke, think about this. Is what you're doing going to make you happier and healthier? Why not try investing in something that is proven to help memory recall, give you a better sleep, and reduce your stress during the school year? This magic elixir is known as yoga and fitness, and YYoga wants to give students a break with unlimited access to yoga & fitness classes, indoor cycling, and infrared sauna for $99/month! For those who have a less flexible schedule, they also have 15% off 5 and 10 Class Passes! There is no excuse for skipping out on your physical and mental health plus, you can use it to help combat the inevitable Freshman 15. Get ready to Namaste your way to an A...+. 

Come down to your nearest centre with your Student ID to get yours! 

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