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Steve (Shankara Deva) Fazzari

Training Certifications
200HR / 500HR E-RYT / Yin / Restorative

Steve's practices of yoga started much before he knew anything about, or had even ever seen any examples of yoga poses. As a young teen with an extremely busy (and difficult to manage) mind, he was interested in gaining clarity of mind or accessing a space of his inner silence. Through being in nature (mostly skiing & snowboarding), and through music he was able to find some states of cohesion where the wildness of his mind was stilled momentarily and the body and mind could work together in unison; these forms of active meditation were a relief from the seemingly nonstop battle with the fluctuations of the mind.

Seeking for a greater understanding of this inner space, he began studying Eastern philosophy at the age of 13 in the form of Buddhist teachings. When yoga started to come into his life, he was drawn back to his early years reading Buddhist scriptures. He saw the same essence in the teachings of yoga as he did in the Buddhist teachings presented in a way that made more sense to him. He continued his journey into Yoga, but was inspired to make this his life path when he met his teacher, Dharma Mittra. Steve has completed Advanced- and Senior-level training with the living master Sri Dharma Mittra (500- and 800-hour trainings), as well as assisted at his teacher’s side. Since completion of his formal training, Steve has continued to study with his teacher, receiving countless hours of private instruction. Much like Dharma, he has been drawn towards being a teacher of teachers; he now sits on the faculty of Karma Teachers Revolutionary 200hr Teacher Training as a lead teacher, developing and delivering the curriculum involved.

What should students expect from your class? Centered and meditative, but engaging and entertaining.

Training Certifications: 200HR / 500HR E-RYT / Yin / Restorative