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Marieve Tardif

Training Certifications
Indoor Cycling

Marieve has always been passionate about physical activity, it is part of her life, of who she is! She loves being able to be the person that makes you say Yes I CAN! For her it's about how good & strong it makes you feel! The endorphines you get from challenging yourself are simply the best feeling. She has been teaching a variety of fitness classes over the last 10 years in Montreal where she is from and now in beautiful Vancouver. She works in marketing, has 2 beautiful dogs and enjoys all the things BC has to offer; snowboarding and road biking are her go-to!

What should students expect from your class? To feel accomplished, exhilirated and alive! You will ride to beats that bring you to life and help you forget about what is outside the room for little a while. It's you, your goals & the bike! You made that conscious decison to step in the room, wait and see how strong you feel when you walk out!

Training Certifications: Indoor Cycling