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Kristin Knapp

Training Certifications
RYT-200 / Personal Training / TRX

Passionate about all things movement, you can find Kristin all over town. From swinging kettlebells and hiking mountains to playing beach volleyball at Kits beach and shakin' it up on the dance floor. Yup, lots of movement for Kristin's boundless energy has been great, however a few years ago she found herself "broken" and "stiff" and many more areas than her 27 year old body should feel, so she turned to TRX and Yoga as a way to find "balance" and stretch iiiit ooouuuut. What she didn't know was that this dynamic combo would not only stretch and strengthen her body but also stretch and strengthen her mind to a new level of overall contentment that's difficult to explain. Overall, fitness has helped her cope and come out positively through several difficult life experiences, and it still continues to today.

What can students expect from your class?

Laughter, connection, alignment and sweat!

Training Certifications: RYT-200 / Personal Training / TRX