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Jackie Odette

Training Certifications
Pilates / Prenatal / Barre / Personal Training

After practicing yoga for several years Jackie was looking for something a little different. She stepped foot into her first Pilates class over 10 years ago and never looked back. It was, for her, the perfect compliment to her yoga practice. She fell in love with working smaller stabilizing muscles in her body to help her functional movement in other forms of exercise and daily life. She decided to grow her practice even further by becoming a teacher herself 7 years ago and has been sharing her knowledge and passion with students ever since! Jackie is also certified in pre and post natal Pilates, Barre and a Tabata style training. She cannot wait to see you on the mat. 

What should students expect from your class? A challenging, accessible sequence with a wicked playlist! 

Training Certifications: Pilates / Prenatal / Barre / Personal Training