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Corinne Clapham

Training Certifications

Corinne grew into her yoga practice with Yyoga in Vancouver many years ago. A place where she could clear the mental mind chatter and connect with the body. A space that helped in feeling more balanced and grounded. Now being able to provide all the elements she loves and found helpful for others to experience. Through teaching in Toronto. Training in yoga for all body types, socially engaged yoga for those who went through trauma and a Reiki Master.

What can students expect from your class? Relaxing into bliss. Nourishing your three elements Mind, Body & Soul. By incorporating meditation, mindfulness, mudras and poses to gently stretch into the spaces that have been dormant. Focuses on form that works for each individual in that present moment. Priority in Joint Stability, Strength and then flexibility using breath to support your practice.

Training Certifications: 200HR RYT