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Christine Noonan

Training Certifications
200HR / YYoga YHot / Indoor Cycling / Yin / Restorative

Since no two bodies are the same, Christine strives to help students realize how yoga feels in their bodies. With a strong understanding of anatomy, her classes provide an opportunity to experience how an optimally aligned pose feels in each and every body. By creating a safe and welcoming environment students are encouraged to play, explore, and push the limits of both the body and the mind. 

Christine continues to be humbled and empowered with each class she attends and teaches. She believes that yoga offers something for each of us; be it putting ourselves first, better health, improved range of motion, mental clarity, or overall peacefulness. When she is off the mat, you can find her spending time with family and friends, sipping red wine, reading, or exploring the world around her.

What can students expect from your class? 

With a strong emphasis on foundation and alignment, my intention is that you will be set up to get the most out of every pose. A balance of challenging yourself and listening and connecting to your unique body. It's yoga, so we'll also have a chance to smile and enjoy the journey - looking forward to seeing you on the mat!

Training Certifications: 200HR / YYoga YHot / Indoor Cycling / Yin / Restorative