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Mindful Conversations: What's Fueling You?

Mar 21 2019
6:30 PM - 9:30 PM

Cost: $45
Location: Kitsilano

With connection and growth as our intentions, YYOGA invites you to connect with kindred spirits from our community to deep-dive inside and tackle some of the questions we hold about these beautiful temples we live in. In an experiential evening with local thought-leaders, we will explore how we view our bodies and the truth about current health trends.

Did we mention there will be live music, yoga, meditation, expert panelists, snacks, and cocktails?!

Check out the details below:

Hop into our Kitsilano studio and grab a treat before making your way onto the mat. Christie Baumgartner will meet you with curated beats and a juicy flow class leading into a restorative meditation.

Grab a snack and/or cocktail and prepare to talk body image, diet trends, hormones, self-love, and so much more. After an enlightened and mindful conversation with our panelists, grab your friends and head into our lounge to visit the Culture Craft Kombucha bar, pick up a hand mixed cocktail, and enjoy our veg-focused grazing station.

Visit our Escents Aromatherapy Blending bar or chat all things skin care with Jess from Butter Organics while Omar Khan serenades!

The amazing women from our community who we will be hearing from include:


Kylie McBeath | @beingisbeautiful | @zurahealth | www.kyliemcbeath.com | zurahealth.com

Kylie McBeath is the Co-Founder & Chief Visionary of the digital wellness community, Zura Health, a Certified Holistic Health Coach & Transformational Life Coach, Co-Host of the Zura Health Podcast, Facilitator & Writer. She is a multi-passionate, creative being whose mission on this planet is to empower women (and men) with the tools, support, wisdom, and resources they need to live happy, healthy and fulfilling lives. Ultimately, her mission is to raise the consciousness of the entire planet through a higher health & emotional IQ!

Dr. Sonya Jensen | @divineelements_naturopathic | Website

Dr Sonya Jensen is a Naturopathic Doctor, Mom of 2 boys, a business owner, a yoga teacher, a workshop leader and a Women’s Health Expert. After years of working closely with Women and their families her mission and purpose has become clear,  to Inspire Women so they can live free and balanced lives.

Erin Levine | @erinlevinenutrition | Website

Erin is a Holistic Nutritionist, speaker and leader in Vancouver's health community. Dedicated to making wellness accessible to all, she helps clients cut through information overload and understand the fundamentals to proper nutrition. In doing so she promotes a simplistic and intuitive approach; one that is rooted in a back-to-basics mindset. Voted Best Nutritionist in Vancouver 2018 by The Georgia Straight, Erin is deeply committed to the health and well-being of her community. In her spare time, you can find her out for a nature walk, taking a bath, or playing in the ceramics studio.

Layla Cameron  | Website

Layla Cameron is a queer fat activist living in Vancouver, BC. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Communication at Simon Fraser University, where her research focuses on reality television, media literacy, fat studies, and disability studies. She works as a freelance journalist and filmmaker, often on the intersections of physical recreation, body size, and public health. When she isn’t working, she can usually be found living the #vanlife and exploring the west coast.

Event Timeline

6:00-6:30 PM - Arrive and check in, get your items put away and enjoy our treats
6:40-7:25 PM - Yoga & meditation
8:00-8:40 PM - Panelist discussion and Q&A
8:45-9:30 PM - Refreshments of your liking, snacks, live music, mingling, and aromatherapy blending bar.

The Fine Print

  • These events are 19+ only!

  • Bring some moveable clothes, but not your mat! We’ve got you covered.

  • Tickets are $45.00 and non-refundable.

  • Your ticket includes 2 drink tickets for cocktails, a yoga class, entry to the keynote & panelist discussion, snacks, Virtuous Pie, beverages and access to activities

  • Last but not least: Treat yo-self!

Got a question? No problem. Just email community@yyoga.ca and we will get back to you soon as we can!

No worries if you can't make this event, check out part 1 of Mindful Conversations happening on March 7th, learn more here.

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