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YYOGA At Home is here!

April 10th, 2019



Canada’s leading community of yoga studios makes mindfulness more accessible with launch of class streaming service YYOGA at Home.

With 2019 seeing the growth in a new wave of digital-focused wellness platforms, today YYOGA has stepped boldly into this space with the launch of YYOGA at Home — a subscription-based at-home streaming service. The new digital platform will bring premium yoga experiences into homes across the country.

Over a decade ago, YYOGA’s founding locations opened with the intention of making the world a better place through the practice of yoga and with the power of mindfulness. Founder and entrepreneur, Terry McBride, had fallen in love with the practice but couldn’t find a studio offering what he was looking for: an inclusive environment, the best yoga teaching in the city and an awesome schedule with plenty of variety. With this in mind, he re-imagined the studio experience and set out to create environments primed for mind, body, soul connection where all were welcome. Today, YYOGA has taken another leap to extend this vision with the launch of YYOGA at Home.


“For the past 11 years, our mission has been to make yoga as accessible as possible for Canadians, with the highest quality teaching and offerings suitable for all levels,” said YYOGA president, Carey Dillen. “We’re excited to continue that journey with the launch of our on-demand, class streaming platform, YYOGA at Home, which will make it easier than ever before for our community to be connected to their practice, anywhere in the world.”

Users of the platform will enjoy full-body fitness, sweaty signature classes and mindful meditations streamed right into their home, or anywhere they are in the world, with the nation’s best teachers. It will provide subscribers the convenience of an on-the-go practice with classes for all levels and refinement cues offered, keeping all yogis mindful of form.

With YYOGA at Home subscribers will get:

• Hours of beautiful, high-quality classes streamed anywhere through a chosen device
•  An extensive library of signature styles and various class lengths to find the right fit for each yogi
•  Everything from quick 5 minute tutorials to sweaty and powerful 60-minute classes
•  The ability to personalize a yoga practice with expert instruction offered for all levels, including pre and postnatal options

YYOGA at Home will keep subscribers inspired through the weekly release of new content and with a special, limited time offer founders rate available as of today.

For more information or to sign-up for a free 7-day trial, please visit yyoga.tv.

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