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Yoga For Hikers!

August 2nd, 2018

British Columbia is home to some of the most beautiful hikes and trails in the world. 

In Vancouver, nature is right in our backyard (and we’re so grateful!). From the Grouse Grind (psst, check out our free Peak Yoga Series) and Quarry Rock to The Chief or St. Mark’s Summit, we’re lucky to have a never ending list of scenic hikes minutes away from the city. 

Yoga can influence hiking more than you may know! By introducing a steady practice you'll notice next time you're on the mountain: 

  • Better balance for those narrow winding paths and stream crossings
  • More strength for steep inclines 
  • Increased stamina for intense day hikes or multi-day excursions
  • Improved sleep on overnight hikes by releasing muscle tension 
  • Faster recovery time and reduced muscle soreness
  • Injury prevention thanks to better flexibility

We know that we are only blessed with a few short months of summer and you want to tackle as many hikes as you can before the rain sets in. What's the best way to do that? Staying flexible of course! If a regular practice isn't possible, try integrating these 3 key yoga poses into your hiking routine (they can even make a super cute Instagrammable shot at the peak!) but most importantly, they will make sure you stay flexible all season long!

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1. High Lunge: 

After your hikes, make sure you cool down as climbing and navigating through trails can leave your muscles wound up! Try alternating both sides for 30 seconds, and repeating this 3 times.  Your hip flexors will thank you!  

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2. Butterfly Pose: 

Continue unwinding with butterfly pose. This pose will help open your groins, outer hips and relax the overworked muscles in your lower back.  You can hold this pose from 30 seconds to 2 minutes depending on how sore you are.  Try repetitions of shorter lengths at first to make sure you're not over-stretching.

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3. Pigeon Pose:

It’s also a good idea to regularly keep your hips and glutes stretched to avoid strains and tightness.  Try a 1 minute pigeon pose to stretch these areas on a regular basis, especially if you hike regularly.

You can find these poses regularly in YYOGA's Hatha and Yin classes. Stretch up, recharge, and meet us on the mountain! 

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