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Yoga At Any Age

September 30th, 2016

Given all the photos of young, bendy yogis and athletes out there, you might be tempted to think that yoga and exercise ends when you hit a certain age. Quite the contrary! Yoga practice is the perfect companion to help practitioners stay fluid, strong and balanced as they age. Here are five reasons why yoga is beneficial at any age.


As we get older, our mobility tends to decrease and our connective tissue tightens. Yoga specifically targets joint movement, which can help students retain vital mobility and counteract long-held postural habits.


Yoga is low impact, which makes it easier on the joints than other forms of exercise. However, because yogis also use their body weight to support postures, they still get some of the weight-bearing benefits to help keep their bones strong.


Balance tends to decrease with age. Since several standing yoga postures are one-legged, practitioners get practice training their feet, ankles, and hips to maintain this vital function. Yoga transitions and standing poses encourage strength and body awareness.


Yoga practices such as hatha focus on alignment and functional movement. Postures such as hip openers and backbends can help to keep postural muscles strong and counteract the daily slouch. By targeting these essential muscles, practitioners get strength and functionality to support everyday movement.


Yoga practices such as hatha take the time to use props to individualize the practice for the student. Through the use of blocks, straps, dowels, and the wall, the yoga practice becomes safe and accessible for a whole range of bodies.

New to yoga?

Perfect. We recommend that practitioners start with the gentle hatha yoga style. The slower pace and focus on alignment help to set up excellent alignment habits, while building strength and endurance. It's never too late to start your yoga practice. Now it the perfect time to try it!

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