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Yin Is In (Part 1)

February 25th, 2016

Yin Is In. Here's Why. 

By YYoga College Yin Program Teacher Ashley McEachern

Do you ever feel like you are starting to spin out of control? Possessed by seemingly endless to-do lists, responsibilities and chores. Has busy become your norm? We live in the fast lane and we are blinded by more stimulation than we have ever seen before. Downtown condo dwellers may go months without being in absolute darkness or seeing the stars in their full glory. Working families struggle to balance the pressures of a 24/7 connection to jobs and technology with their beloved screaming kids. Single scenesters stay up late in bed rummaging through tinder profiles in search of the one. We have transformed the way we live and it’s not surprising that increased levels of anxiety, stress and stimulation are keeping us on edge all day and awake all night. That’s why it’s time to shake things up with a new approach to yoga, beginning with a little bit of mindfulness, a whole lot of stillness and loads of self-loving.

Yin Yoga is a quiet, dynamic practice that works your deepest connective tissues, while healing both your physical and energetic body. These yin tissues are responsible for 47% of your bodies limitations of range of motion, whereby your muscles provide just 41%. By holding specific yoga asanas for 3-20 minutes, yin classes create ample space for oft never-before-seen levels of rest and relaxation into our lives, while offering fascinating new depths of flexibility into our hips and quiet peaceful thoughts into our busy bee brains.

In addition to the physical benefits of yin yoga, there are a myriad of psycho-emotional advantages to this practice. Drawn from the lineage of Traditional Chinese Medicine, yin yoga poses stimulate the movement of “chi” through twelve distinct meridian lines where we harbour many of our long held deepest emotions. Through extended holds in the shapes, we create ample space for our bodies to energetically release these emotions so as to create a sense of clarity, calm and truth.

Read Part Two of my 'Yin Is In' series, where we'll explore the yin tissues, and qualify the benefits of yin yoga. If you're already into yin, and want to dive deeper you can sign up for my upcoming Yin Yoga teacher training in Toronto below.

Yin Teacher Training

Yin Teacher Training
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