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YHot Teacher Training Q&A with Kristin Campbell

August 24th, 2016

YYoga College's Kristin Campbell answers your questions about upcoming YHot Teacher Training.

YYoga: What’s new in this year’sYHot teacher training?

Kristin: We’re very excited to bring the YHot Teacher Training into a weekend format that gives teachers and students the chance to get certified in just three weekends, without having to clear a full week out of their schedules!

YYoga: Who should take the YHot teacher training?

Kristin: Besides those aspiring to become YHot teachers, I also recommend YHot teacher training for those curious, hot yoga junkies who crave more out of their classes. We train students just as much as we train teachers. Knowledge is the key to a better practice and I want to enhance yours by teaching the same principles that got me to where I am!

YYoga: What makes YHot such a great class and modality to learn and teach?

Kristin: I used to own a Bikram Yoga Studio and loved the hot practice. From my own experience, not a lot attention is focused on optimal alignment. There is more of a push push mentality in this more rigid, almost militarized sequence. I wanted to foster a higher level of intelligence and awareness, so I designed sequences that brought mindfulness and alignment into the routine that offered many physiological and psychological benefits that my previous hot practice didn’t. Plus, YHot is YYoga’s most popular class and I love sharing my passion with those that continually seek the same growth I do.

YYoga: What would you say are the three key takeaways for your students from YHot Teacher Training?

Kristin: The first and foremost is the essential skillful alignment and philosophical principles of this set series we gain through the static nature of these poses. The second takeaway will answer the question ‘Why Hot?’ as students will gain a strong comprehension of the benefits and how to safely practice hot yoga. Finally, the training will provide practice in teaching sessions and the personalized feedback teachers need to hone in on their skills for teaching not only hot yoga, but beyond!

YYoga: Who is teaching the training this fall?

Kristin: I will be teaching, along with Janet Corvino, and we’ll be assisted by Hillary Keegan. We can’t wait!

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