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Summer Flight? Pack This Simple Airplane Sequence!

May 12th, 2016

Cramped seats, delays, long flights & layovers... Let’s face it, whether you travel for business or pleasure, globe-trotting can leave you fatigued, stiff and out-of-sync! This summer be sure to pack this simple airplane safety yoga sequence in your carry-on, and enjoy a more relaxed flight, arriving refreshed and revived!

3 big reasons why we need yoga on airplanes

1) Sitting in the same position for hours on end can wreak havoc on your body and increase the risk of developing blood clots. Try getting up for a quick walk up and down the aisle and leaning into a goddess pose as long as the flight staff aren’t coming by with the drink cart.

2) Inactivity in a seated position can cause swollen ankles and feet for hours or even days after a long haul flight. Make sure you get up and activate your legs and get the blood flowing through your body every few hours with a simple thigh stretch and prevent the fluid buildup.

3) That bloated and fatigued feeling you get on an airplane? It’s because of the air pressure changes around you. This leads to decreased oxygen levels in your bloodstream and expanding gasses in your stomach that can get trapped and cause discomfort. Deep breathing and small spinal twists from side to side can help relieve the pressure and make you feel more alert and awake!

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