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Say No... To Rushing

August 15th, 2018

In lifestyle

Can you feel the minutes of summer slipping through your fingers? We sure can. But rather than frantically trying to make plans ensuring not to miss out on any opportunity, let's remind ourselves to be present & savour the moment. 

Allow time to breathe, to pause, and think. Give yourself the opportunity to experience fully and adjust where you find room for improvement.

Rachel Scott, Designer & Lead Trainer of the YYOGA 200-Hour Teacher Training, tells us of her experience with rushing... or rather, slowing down.


“No rushing,” my yoga teacher admonishes sternly.  She’s helping me with backbends.  I’m moving too fast. I take a breath and pause. I slow down. “Good,” she nods, “no rushing.”

Ah, yes, as in yoga, as in life.

Rushing used to make me feel important. “I’m so busy!” I sighed dramatically, secretly thrilled by the sense that I was moving, shaking, and making something happen.

But rushing means autopilot.

Sure, it may look like I’m getting a lot done, but when I rush, I’m not present. So there’s no time to change the way I’m doing something, because the focus is simply get this sucker done. We’re one step ahead the whole way. So we have to run on our brain’s happy habitual grooves, doing everything exactly as we’ve done it before.

Ironically, this isn’t efficient.

When we rush, we forget our keys (our dry cleaning, our kids). We forget to feel (to breathe, to pause, to think, to experience). There’s no time to innovate (change, adjust, improve). We can only survive the rush.

Here’s the funny thing: despite what our brain may be telling us, rushing isn’t about time. Rushing is how we feel on the inside; it’s an internal state. And despite the feeling, it doesn’t get us anywhere more quickly. In fact, rushing often takes up more time, because we miss seeing the possible short cuts along the way.  I don’t have to rush to be efficient when I practice. And how I feel while on the journey is radically different.

This month, Say No to Rushing!

Instead, slow down. Be in the moment. And feel how time and possibility expands.

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