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Meet Our Community: Mo Amir

May 31st, 2018

You'll always be able to spot Mo Amir at YYOGA. 

Just look for the gentle giant with a smile as wide as the ocean in your next Power class, I'm sure you'll spot him. As an avid member of our Northshore community and a self-proclaimed "bro-gi" Mo brings the realness to his yoga practice with his enthusiasm, positivity, and by not taking himself too seriously. He's never one to shy away from a challenge but the 31 Day Challenge this year struck a particularly strong chord with our 'bro-gi'.

"My mother passed away in 2010 after her battle with cancer. She's my inspiration for this challenge. She instilled the values of mindful intention, kindness, compassion, and generosity in me, both by her teachings and by her example. I love my yoga practice and I’m honoured to dedicate my challenge and fundraising efforts to her, Shaheen Zafar." 

Mo, who raised over $2,500 for the cause, decided to kick his commitment up a notch by only practicing Power classes for the month of May! We asked him what made him want to go the extra mile and he said, "I was already sweating it out in the studio every day, so the 31 Day Challenge provided me with an opportunity to assess my progress as a yogi and develop a personal mission that was difficult but also attainable with discipline." 

Ask him how he feels now that the challenge is over? "Humbled. And achy. But mostly humbled." Says Mo jokingly who ended up completing 40 classes in 31 days. "My community overwhelmed me with their support both in raising money for the BC Cancer Foundation and cheering me on along the way!" Mo also shared gratitude for YYOGA's instructor Crystal Rainbow Borrelli. He says, "she guided me through more than a third of my Power classes this month with fierce enthusiasm, challenging classes, and kind attention."

We congratulate Mo on this incredible accomplishment and salute all the participating members in the Workout To Conquer Cancer: 31 Day Challenge! 

Our top 21 fundraisers have been awarded prizes for their efforts. We are inspired by your dedication and could not have raised $23,006.83 without you! 

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