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Meet Our Community: Alex Atherton

April 8th, 2016

Meet Alex Atherton, YYoga’s new centre manager on the North Shore!

Alex joins this tight knit community after many years of success in leading the team at YYoga Yaletown. While he’ll miss his downtown surroundings, new and exciting times await him on the North Shore. Our team recently sat down with Alex; here’s a bit more about him!

YYoga: So Alex, excited about the new role?

Alex: Ecstatic! YYoga Yaletown was one of 3 original YYoga Centres and I was grateful to be part of that team. I loved the diversity of our community, the quality of our teachers, and the richness of our offerings and I know the North Shore has a great community as well; I can’t wait to meet everyone.

Y: How did you first get into yoga?

A: As scholar and athlete, I was devastated at the age of 21 by severe whiplash and concussion. I was advised by doctors to never play sports again, and was limited in what I could do physically. After 5 years of chronic back pain, fatigue, depression, headaches and unsuccessful visits to chiropractors, doctors, and physiotherapists, I discovered Yoga. I felt immediately the amazing power of the practice for creating health and vitality and found my way back to functional fitness.

Y: Tell us fun fact about yourself!

A: I speak conversational Mandarin Chinese which I learned over 7 years in Asia. On my travels I lived in Taichung, Taiwan, where I owned a nightclub called 'the 125' in the canal district. I have been a tour leader for an Australian travel company in Tibet and Nepal. I also spent time in Shanghai, China, where I managed 3 boutique Yoga studios, and organized retreats to Thailand.

Y: Why do you continue to practice?

A: I'm inspired by the wave of Yoga that is growing in every part of the world. I'm inspired by the millions of people of all ages and backgrounds finding a profound peace, love, and health through Yoga practice. I hope that I can inspire the world to understand and embrace yoga, but for now I'll start with just the North Shore!

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