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Intentional Rituals By Saje Wellness

March 18th, 2016

Wanting to deepen your practice or to take your fitness to the next level? Create healthy habits and rituals that help set you up for success. We spoke with Rachel Frey, Wellness Coordinator at Saje Wellness on what rituals she incorporates into her practice to form healthy habits. “Setting intentional rituals makes a regular yoga practice personal, precious, sacred. My ritual is the use of essential oils. The healing power of essential oils is so incredible, vast, and deep.

To our knowledge, approximately 300 plants produce essential oils, and from those we use only those that are widely available and safe to use. Setting up my practice includes essential oils, every time, without exception. Challenged by the loving demands on my time from those near and dear to me, I like to carve out time for a long deep practice, which includes setting up my space. As a result, my intention, ritual, and practice are deeply intertwined. Here are some ways I intentionally integrate essential oils into my practice:

Nebulizers and Diffuser Blends: As I turn on my nebulizer, I allow myself to be mesmerized by the deep cleansing scent of my favourite blend Rainforest and I notice the way my lungs open up as the gentle mist fills the air. I always pause for a moment of deep appreciation, knowing this blend, which includes vetiver and cedarwood, was inspired by the beautiful, old growth forests of Clayoquot Sound.

Essential Oil Remedies: I always take the time to check in with my body, noticing where it requires some extra support and I might apply a remedy such as Peppermint Halo on my shoulders, both for tension relief and for focus. My Pocket Pharmacy is with me wherever I go, so even when I’m on the road, I have access to those 5 key remedies.

Aromatherapy Mist: A gentle mist of Carrot or Yoga overhead in the shape of a lemniscate reinforces the infinite nature of life. A couple spritzes of Antibacterial Mat Mist keeps my mat clean, especially while traveling!

Body Butter: Sometimes I don’t notice the state of my feet until I’m in downward dog. I love Tantra for its deep, sweet scent, along with the added benefit of anti-fungal Patchouli. It leaves my feet feeling soft and silky smooth!

Perfume Roll-ons: 100% natural perfumes are gorgeous, subtle, and remedial. I like to roll a little bit of Ananda or Goddess onto my 3rd eye chakra as I set up my space. Bliss, pure bliss! 100% natural essential oils help me to connect with my heart, allowing my mind, body and soul to align.

Interested in incorporating essential oils into your practice? Check out ourSaje Aromatherapy Yin classes

"This intentional ritual within my yoga practice makes my practice uniquely mine, while supporting my highest levels of wellness.” - Rachel Frey (Executive Assistant & Wellness Coordinator at Saje)

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