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iHeart is coming to YYoga for Heart Month

February 8th, 2018

February is now internationally recognized as Heart Month, and we're doing our part! 

Cardiovascular disease, including heart attack and stroke, is the leading global cause of death and kills more than 17.3 million adults per year. Thanks to some great work by The American Heart Association, growing international recognition of Heart Month offers the opportunity to learn more about the risks factors for heart disease and what can be done to prevent it.

Vitalsines is a Vancouver-based company that produces iHeart, a fingertip device that measures a proven heart health metric to provide testers with their Internal Age. By measuring an individual’s Aortic Pulse Wave Velocity, iHeart is able to determine the stiffness of one’s aorta. The aorta is the largest artery in the body, running parallel to the spine between the chest and abdomen, stiffness of which has been proven to indicate a person’s risk of heart disease, dementia, and stroke. 

In Support of The Heart and Stroke Foundation, YYoga and Vitalsines are offering a number of opportunities to the guests and followers of @yyoga and @iheartage social media channels throughout February in a partnership that will encourage and reward attention to heart health.

The physical benefits of stretching and moving, with the emotional elements of relieving stress and centering the mind, make yoga one of the most successful activities at positively impacting aortic stiffness and heart health. As shown in the photo below, the body’s immediate response to exercise of this kind is impressive.


iHeart users are encouraged to test their "Internal Age" metric daily using the device to produce a baseline trend. In the screenshot seen above the Internal Age is influenced by recent lifestyle choices and show variation and trend based on the positive or negative impact they have. If healthy lifestyle choices, such as yoga, are perpetuated, the morning baseline trend will gradually lower over time, thus reducing a person’s risk of cardiovascular disease and dementia.


There are two ways to win an iHeart monitor from YYoga in February:

  1. Follow @yyoga and @iheartage on Instagram and keep your eye out for our giveaway in February! 

  2. Be the ‘biggest loser’! Get your internal age measured for free by the Vitalsines team at two YYoga locations at two points in February. The guest who has shown the biggest improvement between testing dates will be awarded their own iHeart device. Here's where and when you can find us: 

YYoga Highgate 

  • February 13th (the before measurement)  8:45am - 10:45am

  • February 26th (the after measurement) TBD 

YYoga Park Royal

  • February 13th (the before measurement) 11:45am - 1:45am

  • February 27th (the after measurement) TBD 

Participants must be present at both a before and after test in order to gauge success.

All tests and measurements will be free but donations will be accepted with donations going to our partner, The Heart & Stroke Foundation, along with 15% of iHeart sales through the month of February.

See you in the studio! 

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