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Gratitude For Mom On Mother's Day

May 1st, 2018

YYOGA's Regional Operations Manager and yoga instructor, Bailey Meek and her mom Patti are like two peas in a pod. 

"She's my best friend." She says. "She's been my rock from as long as I can remember and sharing milestones with her as I get older have only enriched my bond with her. Three years ago she had a very rare heart attack that turned her world upside down. She's always been an avid yogi, Grouse Grinder, and marathon runner and she had to give that all up to adapt her lifestyle to her condition. It was inspiring to see her handle the transition with such grace and positivity." 

We sat down with Bailey and asked her to share some of the ways she is grateful for her mom (& trust us, we had to really cut down the list!) 

1) She's my Person. Hanging out with my Mom is basically like hanging out with myself. When I say I need alone time, I actually really just need Mom time. 

2) Unconditional Support. She never judges me, let's me be my true self no matter how unpleasant (or pleasant!) I am.

3) My Rock. She has gotten me through the roughest of times, and has been there to enjoy and celebrate the best of times. 

4) Nature Lover. We love doing outdoor activities, especially long seawall walks in West Van, hiking the Dam, or just sitting at the beach together. 

5) Wellness Mentor. She's my inspiration around health and fitness as she was a marathon runner, avid yogi, and Grouse Grinder. 

6) Kindness Warrior. She is my kindness inspiration. She is the most generous person and constantly reminds me to keep things in perspective. She taught me to practice gratitude, be honest, and generous with everything - time, energy, kindness, and all the rest. 

7) Community Leader. We watched her share her compassion with the community. She's an elementary school counselor. She devoted her time at inner city schools taking kids to the mall because they'd show up to school without lunches, coats, shoes, etc. She would buy them whatever they needed. 

8) Clarity. She has been open and receptive to our family discussing mental health. She's allowed me to realize that it is a necessary conversation to have and that talking about it isn't taboo.

9) Girl Time. I don't have a sister and so I get to do all the girly stuff with her, bake, take trips, paint our nails, shop at Park Royal, eat all the chocolate, all of it! 

10) My Reason. She is why I started doing yoga and ultimately she was the one who inspired me to begin my career at YYOGA. She used to go to the Richmond studio while I was at university. When I'd come home for the weekends we'd go to YYOGA together. My first class ever was Alex Atheron's YHot class! She encouraged me to start volunteering when I finished school and well, the rest is history! 

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Bailey Meek

Bailey found yoga back in 2010 while living in Victoria where she was going to University. Like many, what originally started as an experimental way to improve physical fitness eventually transformed into a lifestyle. The spirituality, stress relief, inner peace,...

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