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October 23rd, 2018

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Katelyn stays grounded during the holidays by performing daily rituals like keeping a gratitude journal and taking an early morning yoga class before work. She maintains healthy habits that keep her mind and body in harmony.


Marketing Coordinator, YYOGA
Morning ritual: coffee, writing, meditation
Self-proclaimed: arts and (pop) culture critic 

What do you get out of yoga?

Yoga has changed the way I think about my mind and body. I never really used to get it, you know? I was listening too much to what I was telling myself, like eat this salad and you’ll feel good, go for a run and you’ll feel good, don’t eat the cookies or else! I was restricting myself emotionally, mentally and physically because I thought it would make my body feel and look good but I really wasn’t listening to what my body wanted. Yoga forces me to listen now. For an hour on the mat all of that other stuff is hushed and I listen to my body and my heart. At my first class with her, Hillary Keegan asked us to pick a word at the start of class to be our mantra for our practice and the first word that popped into my head was “healing.” I am healing. I say that to myself while listening to my body on the mat and I write it in my journal and it’s become powerful. I think it has given me the permission to be soft that I don’t usually allow myself.

I am healing. I say that to myself while listening to my body on the mat and I write it in my journal and it’s become powerful. I think it has given me the permission to be soft that I don’t usually allow myself.

Who is your role model?

Definitely my Uncle Chris. He’s made a career out of something he loves and he’s exposed me to so much that I wouldn’t have seeked out on my own. He showed me that it’s important to be both creative and thoughtful and that it’s okay to forge your own path. More than that though, he normalized for me that it was okay to have bad days but it’s crucial to recognize when a bad day has become a bad week or month. He was the first one to buy me a journal to write in too, he thought it would just be an easy way to practice being mindful and it has grown into much more than that. I’m really grateful for his influence.

What is your favorite cafe?

Timbertrain in Gastown has some of the best pour over coffee I’ve ever tasted! And they have this cookie with marshmallows in it and sometimes it’s all I can think about.

What gets you excited?

Art! From going to a gallery to local festivals to really really good television (have you seen Bojack Horseman?) to going to see Peach Pit perform! It’s very important to me.

What are you best habits for mind/body/spirit wellness?

Well, I don’t have a lot of great habits but one I mentioned earlier was journaling. Honestly, I didn’t know where or how or even why to start journaling but once I started, it’s become a place for me to pour out all of my thoughts and wishes and anxieties and secrets and ideas! It’s extremely therapeutic and reminds me of all the gratitude I’ve welled up inside that I often forget about. It’s a little intimidating to start writing for yourself though, so I have three tips I tell people who want to start journaling:

  1. Go find yourself something special to write in and with. I’ve realized that I like using grid paper so I can mock up designs and write and when I lose my train of thought, colour in the little squares, and I love a thick, inky, black pen. There’s lots of great places to find stationary in Vancouver like Chapters, or Nineteen Ten, or The Regional Assembly of Text, Old Faithful Shop. Be careful though because stationary is addictive.

  2. Start with a theme or a prompt. Here are a few that helped me get started: What do you appreciate most about your life right now? What are you most afraid of? What do you want your life to look like in a year? Be specific about how it feels, smells, who you spend most of your time with, what your home looks like. What makes you feel good? What do you want to do more of?

  3. Allow yourself to be bad! You’re the only one who needs to see it so it’s okay if absolutely nothing makes sense. It is essential to start with no expectations for yourself and it’s okay to be deeply emotional or only doodle on the edges or just write a list of really good dog names. Just start somewhere.


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