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FAQ Related to Our Pricing Changes

September 17th, 2018

You've got questions? We've got answers.

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I’m currently a member, will my pass rate be affected?

Most of our members will not be affected. 

If you are on an Annual or Builders Membership, you may be impacted – see details below:



Your rate will not be affected; we will be locking it in as a loyalty rate. No action is required by you.
Although do note, should you decide to cancel then rejoin, new rates would apply.

But I’m a student / senior / corporate member who receives 15% off this pass! Am I impacted?
Nope! You’ll keep your rate too, should you decide to cancel then rejoin, new rates would apply.

But I’m currently receiving the NeoWhistler’s local rate on my Month to Month! Am I impacted?
Nope! You’ll keep your rate too, should you decide to cancel then rejoin, new rates would apply.

But I’m a student on a $99/month rate! Am I impacted?
You can keep your rate until it expires, but if you plan to purchase ongoing, we recommend that you lock into the $120/month + 15% off (student discount) rate that’s currently available. You can keep this rate until you cancel and it’s the best rate available! If you cancel your pass, or let your student $99 expire, new rates will apply.


Month-to-Month + Mat & Towel

Your membership rate will not be affected, however we are no longer offering unlimited mat & towel service. This means:

  • Any mat & towel payments scheduled for November 15 or later will not be charged. You can still use your mat & towel service for 1 month from your final charge.
  • After that, your monthly rate will be automatically adjusted to reflect the removal of mat & towel. No action is required from you.


Annual or Builders

Since we have made the difficult decision to increase the price of our Annual Membership, and will be discontinuing the renewal of our Builders Membership, you have two options provided you take action before October 15th by contacting us.

Option #1: We’ve set aside a special Month-to-Month loyalty rate for you, not publicly available. Please contact us and we’ll set it up so you can complete your current Membership and will only be charged the Month-to-Month fees once your current pass expires (no up-front payment is required). Once you transition to your loyalty Month-to-Month, you will be billed monthly. Also, our new, more flexible hold policy means you can put this pass on hold 3 times / calendar year.

Option #2: Renew your current Annual or Builders Membership at your current rate before October 15 and enjoy another year (or two) added on to your pass. Consider that up front payment will be required and should you renew beyond that, new rates and terms will apply.

For either option, please contact us and we can get you set up!

Updates to our terms coming October 15: Annual passes will activate upon purchase (not upon first-use) and we will no longer offer our Builders pass.


Annual or Builders + Mat & Towel

Please see above for changes to our Annual and Builders Memberships.

You will receive a prorated refund for the mat & towel portion of your pass from December 15, 2018 onwards.  No action is required from you for this. We will contact you to confirm the refund completion and amount.


10 Class Pass or 1 Month

New rates begin October 15th, 2018 and do not impact any passes purchased prior to then.

In fact, you are free to purchase at the current rate prior to October 15, 2018 either online or in-studio - so if flexible practice is what you’re after, you may consider purchasing before the rates increase.


5 Class Pass

From October 15, we will no longer be offering this pass.  


When will you officially switch over to new pricing?

October 15, 2018

Why are you changing your prices?

As we look ahead, part of building our sustainable future has meant evaluating what’s required to maintain the quality experience we feel is so important to our guests - and what you have told us is important to you. The reality is, there are many challenges that studios like ours face related to ever-increasing operating costs. To date, we have navigated them in the best way we know how, with the least impact to our guests. It wasn’t an easy decision but we’ve determined it’s required for the sustainability of our community.

What do you mean by “sustainable”?

To us, it’s not about profit but the longevity of our business -- taking steps to ensure it’s around for years to come and able to continue to offer the same quality of experience we feel is important. While we have multiple locations, we are still a small community-built business. Over the last several years we have done everything possible to manage costs and create efficiencies. Despite those best efforts, things out of our control (like increasing rent and the rising costs of cleaning/maintaining our studios) have become too significant for us to not respond to in this way.

I’m not currently a member, but what if I want to become a member before then?

Wonderful! We encourage you to sign up before October 15th to access current pricing, which will become locked in loyalty pricing for our Month-to-Month membership.

I want to sign up to ensure I get current pricing, but I go away in the summer! What can I do?

No worries, we get it! We’ve made our hold policies more flexible to accommodate more hold time since we want you to be able to keep your loyalty rate too! You can put your pass on hold 3 times per year, up to 30 days each time. Please note 72 hours notice is required to put a pass on hold.

I’m a student / senior / corporate member on a Month-to-Month Membership currently receiving 15% off, will my rate be affected?

No, you will continue to receive 15% off your pass and your current rate will be honoured up until the day you cancel.

Who can I contact to double check my membership and whether I am affected?

We’re standing by to help! Contact us (or stop by a studio): help@yyoga.ca

What if I want to buy the Starter Pack but I’m not new. Can I?

Yes! The Starter Pack is valid one per person so anyone can take advantage of it once.

Will you be making improvements to the facilities?

We do our very best to ensure the studios are kept clean and the facilities are well maintained proactively whenever possible. In some cases, there are unexpected issues or special parts required that are on-order, which causes a delay in repairing. We’re always taking learnings from this, and ensuring as we replace things within our studios we replace them with materials and parts that more durable, easier to obtain and don’t cause this delay. Thank you for your patience!

If you notice something needing attention or you’re curious about something maintenance related, please let a Guest Experience Team Member at your location know.

Why did you remove the 5 Class Pass?

Our 5 Class Pass wasn’t a popular offering. What we found was mostly it was purchased by new guests and we wanted to offer a different introductory offer for them.

Will there still be an introductory offer for newbies?

Yes! We are launching a new introductory offer. Our Starter Pack (3 classes for $49) will be available starting October 15. This means, also beginning October 15 we will no longer offer our “50% off your first class” promotion.

I want to cancel my pass.

We’re saddened to hear that and sorry to see you go! We’d like to ensure there isn’t another option that could work for you so please contact us first: help@yyoga.ca

If you’re certain you’d like to cancel, you can submit the request through this form, no visit to the studio is necessary.

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