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Elevate Your Hiking Game With Yoga

June 10th, 2016

If you ask an avid hiker when hiking season is, you may get a blank stare. Technically, you can hike year-round, or, there’s always snowshoeing. But for the average hiker, prime hiking time is just around the corner!

Some of the best, most challenging and rewarding trails open in the months leading up to summer. Weekend warriors will attack these trails in droves, checking peaks, lakes and alpine meadows off their bucket lists. The resulting spectacular Instagram photos don’t convey the aches and pains often experienced the next day, nor the injuries that often accompany going full out on the weekends, with no lead up or cool down to strenuous activity.

Yoga and hiking already share an underlying meditative quality - hiking can be considered a moving meditation; as with yoga, being fully present is the best way to reap its rewards. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or a weekend adventurer, you’ll likely enjoy these benefits by introducing yoga into your routine:

  • Better balance for those narrow winding paths and stream crossings
  • More strength for steep inclines 
  • Increased stamina for intense day hikes or multi-day excursions
  • Improved sleep on overnight hikes by releasing muscle tension 
  • Faster recovery time and reduced muscle soreness
  • Injury prevention thanks to better flexibility

YYoga has 12+ styles of yoga to choose from so things never get stale and you’ll be sure to find a yoga style that works best for you. We recommend the ‘Yin’ class for stretching and injury prevention, ‘Hatha’ for beginners and general flexibility, and ‘Flow’ for strength and conditioning. There are many yoga poses that specifically target the areas that cause hikers the most trouble, and each class is likely to cover at least a few, so dive in and explore!

YYoga instructors are trained to work with guests across all levels of experience in the same classroom. So there’s no judgment, and no need to be intimated if you’ve never done yoga before. Most poses have modifications that can be done to adapt a pose to match your level of flexibility or familiarity, or work around any injuries. There are also plenty of poses you can take away with you that don’t require a yoga mat, so you can sneak in a quick stretch while waiting for your hiking partners to catch up.

One of the best ways for beginners to start their practice is with the introductory offer of 30 Days for $40. You get unlimited yoga, fitness, indoor cycling and use of the infrared sauna. You don’t even need your own mat! Mat rental is complimentary with your first month.

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