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Deepen Your Yoga Practice with Saje Aromatherapy Yin Yoga Classes

August 4th, 2016

Curious about our Saje Aromatherapy Yin classes? YYoga teacher Ashley McEachern gives us an overview of this special class type and how aromatherapy can help deepen your own yoga practice.

What is Aromatherapy Yin Yoga?

Aromatherapy yin yoga is a unique twist on yoga offered by YYoga and community partner SajeⓇ Natural Wellness. During this 75 minute yin yoga practice, a nebulizer gently infuses the yoga studio with soothing essential oil blends. The moment a student wanders into the classroom, the scent of the oils has already transformed the space into a place of peace and quiet. The energy is much softer, quieter and gentler in these classes. The simple application of essential oils, that are derived naturally from plants, is grounding, cleansing and purifying.

How do we use aromatherapy during yin yoga classes?

The pocket pharmacy provided by SajeⓇ Natural Wellness includes five different essential oil blends - Eater’s Digest, Peppermint Halo, Stress Relief, Pain Relief and Immune. These particular blends are rolled along specific areas on the students’ bodies to accomplish anything from relieving headaches to reducing anxiety. In more restorative classes, I stick to calming blends that include oils such as lavender. When I am leading a more energizing practice, perhaps focused on stressing the students’ hips (imagine a yin yoga sequence that moves from dragon to swan to shoelace), I may apply the peppermint halo blend, which has a gentle cooling effect and a sensation that students can focus their attention on.

How does aromatherapy enhance your yin practice?

The predominant feedback I receive from my aromatherapy yin yoga students is that the oils create an incredibly relaxing and enhanced experience in each of the poses and in final meditation. However, I believe that the use of these oils can do far more than simple relaxation. Since yin yoga is very much rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine and each pose can stimulate a different energy line in the body, I most often apply the aromatherapy remedies based on what energy line I am theming the yin practice towards. For example, if I am teaching a yin yoga class focused on the stomach energy line, with the intention to aid digestion and ease stomach and gastrointestinal pain, I would apply the Eater’s Digest remedy to certain points on my students during the poses. In this way, we are inclusively using the yin yoga asana, the essential oil and the class intention to resolve underlying issues of gut discomfort.

What is your favourite essential oil?

Peppermint Halo is my absolute favourite essential oil remedy. It is an energizing blend of peppermint, eucalyptus, rosemary, lavender, vetiver and cajeput, which, when combined, create an incredibly soothing and cooling sensation. This cooling action reduces pain and pounding in the head caused by headaches and the sedative nature of the blend relieves tension and balances nerves. It is celebrated as the “4 minute miracle” for headaches and migraines, which I personally battle due to ongoing dehydration. Friends and family always catch me sheepishly applying this while I am walking down the street, before I teach and every night before bed. The Sunday night yin classes are almost always packed full of students who continually tell me that the practice has an incredible healing power.

Are you ready to incorporate aromatherapy into your yoga practice? Check our schedule for Saje Aromatherapy Yin classes, available on the weekends in multiple locations.  

About Saje: Founded in 1992 by Jean-Pierre LeBlanc and Kate Ross LeBlanc, a passionate husband and wife team, Saje began introducing people to the healing power of 100% natural, plant-derived alternatives to pharmaceutical medicine. After a car accident, Jean-Pierre was faced with a series of health challenges and chronic pain. Navigating a frustrating process with the medical system, Jean-Pierre was seeking a better alternative. Leveraging his background in chemistry, he discovered the healing qualities of essential oils and set out to blend his first remedies to aid in his recovery.

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