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​Courage Through Consistency

March 10th, 2017

YYoga instructor Bree Greig discusses the benefits of applying consistency to all aspects of our lives, including yoga practice.

When discussing any sort of in-depth training or practice, one of the first words that comes to mind for me is consistency. Consistency is key, whether talking about a yoga teacher training, a seminar on ice skating, or a course on basket weaving. In the beginning, consistency can feel like a giant chore - our bodies are tired, minds scattered and we can feel like we have oven mitts for hands. This is where our commitment to consistency comes into play.

Consistency can be defined as: an agreement marked by harmony, regularity, or steady continuity.  These are all things that we as humans beings crave. We desperately want to have harmony in our lives and a sense of steadiness. As students of yoga, we learn that when we are consistent with our actions and self study, we begin to indeed experience more harmony as well as an inner sense of uplift, courage, and confidence. 

What would it be like for you to consistently commit to your hot yoga practice for 3 full days? What if you were going to commit to your yoga practice for 200 hours?Would this kind of consistency kickstart a more harmonious and confident experience in your yoga practice, your life, your relationships? 

This year, consider committing to a yoga teacher training and begin to explore what consistency can cultivate. YYoga teacher trainings designed for students and teachers alike, and all of them require this type of committed consistency.

Bree will be leading Toronto's YHot teacher training weekend, March 17-19. The Vancouver YHot teacher training takes pace March 31st.

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