Announcement of Studio Closures and Other Permanent Updates

To our family,

It’s with a heavy heart that we share some important news with you.

First, let us acknowledge that this update has a lot of information. Please read carefully as it relates to your membership.

We have always operated from a place of transparency, and this update is no different. We won’t sugar coat it: COVID has had drastic impacts on our business.

We have worked tirelessly with a very reduced team to ensure you continue to receive the care and support we believe you deserve.


We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished, including:

  • Manually putting thousands of member accounts on hold during closures to ensure no payments are withdrawn and those who need it receive extra time
  • Remaining as responsive as possible for guest support
  • Supporting our teachers and team financially with our 5 for $65 Class Pack fundraiser
  • Introducing new live stream classes
  • Elevating our YYOGA at Home experience for subscribers, including
  • Launching a new by donation series for We Move Together, our social impact program
  • Beginning what we feel is a life long journey of becoming anti-racist as an organization
  • Re-opening 9 of our studios with health and safety standards we’ve very proud of


The love we have for this community has been driving us, and we will never stop. Along the way, we’ve been faced with some difficult decisions to ensure the sustainability of YYOGA during a time that has brought unprecedented challenges. It’s time to now share the outcome of those decisions with you, some will be difficult and we understand that. Know that these have been made with heavy – but hopeful – hearts, and with the health of our entire community in mind.


Updates & Announcements 


All B.C. memberships have been reactivated as of September 1st, 2020 unless you had notified us of an alternate date of activation. If you have any questions about your account, please reach out to us through our Contact Us form 


Your membership will become active again as of September 1 and the time you had remaining when our studios closed March 16 will be added back for use as of September. If you opt-in for a date sooner than September 1, your membership will be extended based on your return date.


Your membership will become active again as of September 1 and monthly payments will resume in September. Your payment date will be adjusted based on how much time you had remaining when our studios closed on March 16th. If you choose to activate your membership earlier than September 1, your payment dates will be adjusted accordingly.


Your class pack will become active again as of September 1. The time you had remaining (on March 16th) will be added back to allow you to use up your remaining classes. If you opt-in for a date sooner than September 1, your pass duration will be adjusted accordingly.


We have three locations that are no longer possible to operate.


Current Worksafe BC restrictions do not make it safe or feasible to re-open. This location will no longer operate as a YYOGA studio. We are working with the landlord on how we can utilize the space and may move our head office team to operate from this location.


While an amazing community exists here, this studio has been slow to build due to its location and we have also been unable to reach any type of agreement with our landlord that would make it possible for us to reopen. We will be closing Harbourfront effective immediately.

If you primarily attended South Granville or Harbourfront and wish to be contacted about what options you have for your pack or membership,  please reach out to us through our Contact Us form and we will be in touch with you.

QUEEN STREET WEST – updated 8/20

While the Ontario government has permitted a reopening, our Queen Street West location will be permanently closing effective immediately. We are in the process of getting in touch by email with affected members.

It’s taken us a little longer than we would have liked to share this update, but we needed to exhaust every possible option that would have allowed for a reopening.

Our landlord has been supportive however the reality is, conducting business in the city of Toronto has become increasingly out of reach (our property taxes alone have gone up 215% in the last five years) and we have been unable to make the economics of a reopening work despite our collective best efforts. Read more about this here.



We love our riders but have been unable to incorporate this programming back for the following reasons:

  • South Granville: will not be re-opening for reasons shared above
  • Northshore: we have struggled with our neighbour, and therefore landlord, regarding sound. After investing thousands of dollars into sound-proofing, bringing in a sound expert/technician, and effectively running out of options to satisfy both our neighbour and landlord, it became time to acknowledge that we can no longer operate YRide here while also providing the experience we need to for our guests.
  • Downtown Flow: as the YRide room cannot allow for safe physical distancing, we are unable to offer this program at this time. In order to upgrade our live stream experience, we decided to utilize this room to film. We are unsure if YRide will be offered in this space moving forward; we will keep you updated.

To stay connected to our ride community, we will be introducing virtual YRide classes to YYOGA at Home in the Fall.


We’ve upgraded our live class experience and it will now be included with YYOGA at Home subscription. We’re doing test streams during August, then will be hosting 4x live classes weekly and will continue with new releases on Friday’s as well. Visit to sign up.


Our YYOGA At Home founder’s rate will be available until August 31.

Get your subscription before Sept 1 to receive current rates. A Canadian currency payment option will also be launching Sept 1.

Current subscriber rates will not be affected.


RATE CHANGES (International currency options now available)


  • OLD  $7.99 USD ($10.63 CAD)
  • NEW  $12.99 CAD / $9.99 USD


  • OLD  $79 USD ($107.31 CAD)
  • NEW  $119 CAD / $99 USD


As we have not yet launched Canadian currency, subscriptions purchased before Sept 1 will be charged $7.99 USD at the current exchange of $10.63 CAD.


Saying goodbye to these locations and some of our riders will not be easy.

What remains most important to us is that we continue to be a place of healing for all of you, continue to give back to our communities in whatever ways we can, and remain a source of income for those whom we employ.

We firmly believe that by making these tough decisions, this will be the case. We move into this next chapter more committed than ever before to offering you the best yoga and mindful movement experience available – both virtually and in real life.

This community is truly the best and we thank you for your support. 

With love and respect,

Carey and your YYOGA Team