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Advice on Following Your Bliss from the YYOGA Team

February 8th, 2019

In the spirit of practicing self love, we took to our community to ask how they keep healthy mindsets, in harmony with their souls' purpose. Similar sweet methods presented themselves:


“Taking the time to slow down, check-in, and pause to catch a breath.” - Laura Ward, NEO Whistler Studio Manager

“I try to pay attention to what feels good—whether that is energetically or in my body. When I start with ‘what will feel good?’ since each day is different I find I naturally gravitate towards what my body and mind truly need. It invites me to take a moment and understand where my mindset is at and identify the things that will truly fill my cup. This is a daily commitment and ritual for me. I know I'm authentically following my bliss when I'm doing what feels good, avoiding self judgement and when there's an ease and energetic flow to my day.” - Michelle, Marketing 

"Lately I do a check in with myself by lying down on the floor and do a body scan, noticing sensations, breathing and allowing the front surface of my body to soften into my back surface. This process of yielding brings me to a place of being present and centered which opens up the space for me follow my soul’s purpose in making the world a better place.” - Jennifer Bolcsfoldi, Guest Experience

I do a check in with myself by lying down on the floor and do a body scan, noticing sensations, breathing and allowing the front surface of my body to soften into my back surface. 


“I keep a journal everyday. For me, self love is untangling the thoughts, ideas & inspirations in my head so I can release them onto a piece of paper in front of me. My journal entries vary from 10 lines to 10 pages long; every day is different and messy in it's own way. By journaling, the mess becomes organized and in turn, I find a love for my own mess as a whole.” - Tori Lovegrove, Queen Street West Studio Supervisor

“I don't put pressure on myself to perform or practice to a certain level. I used to be so critical of everything I did (and sometimes, still am), but - how stressful is that? Girl's gotta let things go. The things that help me do that ? -  kisses & snuggles with the pup, peppermint halo on the temples, walks outside, sits on the beach (even on rainy days), reading a book or soaks in bubbly, warm baths. Sometimes all of that. And sure, I've got mala beads to wear too ;)” - Olivia, Kitsilano Studio Supervisor

“Remaining compassionate to myself! this may be in the form of going for nature walks to reset my mind and unplug from technology, a yoga class, or enjoying the ritual of preparing and enjoying a cup of hot tea.” - Briana Smirfitt, Kitsilano, West Sixth & South Granville Studio Manager

“Yoga and meditation keep me grounded and happy. I change my negative thoughts into positives and don't allow them to control the way I live. we always have choices. I write a weekly quote and challenge for myself at the beginning of the week that allows me to focus and keep pushing forward <3.” - Kristi Grant, Guest Experience

“I take a blend of yoga and fitness classes each week, eat healthy, spend time offline with my family, continue to practice and learn the philosophy of the yoga sutras and make sure to get into nature regularly.” - Alexander Atherton, Northshore Studio Manager / Manager of Programming


“I don't think i know my soul's purpose yet but I think focusing on being open to a spiritual journey is the first step. Listening to your body, pushing your comfort zone, and being open to new experiences will always lead to an awakening and opening. Following my bliss has taught me to listen to myself and not guilt trip myself over small things - like missing a work out class or eating a slice of pizza. It's taught me to avoid food that I enjoy but makes me feel sick or to say no to situations I know I wont enjoy. Following your bliss leads to empowerment” - Reegen Price, Community Marketing Coordinator

“This year is all about how I am implementing the law of attraction into my everyday existence. In other words, I ask myself, ‘how can I put all of my energy and thoughts into those things that I want to attract in my life?’ and try to honestly and with an open heart ignite those things into my life. I am learning through this to follow my heart wherever it leads me, and to also -- and perhaps most importantly -- trust the timing of things.” - Taylor, Guest Experience Ontario

“To make sure I'm always being mindful and aware of the difference between happiness and joy.  Yes, eating the bag of chips will bring me instant happiness, but working hard for a month - exercising and meal prepping/planning healthy meals and then rewarding myself at the end of the month with a date at the Keg with my girlfriend brings joy! Not that going to the Keg is my soul's purpose... but I think the instant happiness  vs. joy can be applied to anything!” - Sophie, Guest Experience

“Self care is #1 and for me that means knowing it's ok to say no!  You don't have to go to every social engagement, you don't have to go to the gym 7 days a week, you don't have to eat a salad for every meal.  Saying no to some things means saying yes to you!” - Sarah, Operations Specialist

Saying no to some things means saying yes to you!

“Learned to speak my truth, go for walks in nature, so lucky to have this out my front door, and have created balance with work and home life (not perfect - but there).” - Adriana Defazio, Highgate Studio Manager


“Many moons ago in a yoga class on Christmas Day, a mantra came to me & it has stuck ever since... It weaves in and out of my life but has proved to be an anchor for me & how I show up for myself and others in my life. I am Love Love is Me Whatever I do in Love is exactly where I am meant to BE. <3” - Larissa Baliza, Retail Specialist / Studio Manager at Richmond Olympic Oval

“It is a constant work in progress, and sometimes I'm not doing it at all. Some things I practice are regularly writing things like goals, intentions, or priorities down, and regularly having conversations with myself or others in order to stay aligned and accountable. Saying things out loud helps. I know the things that make me feel happy and healthy, and it is not always easy to do them, but knowing it is worth it helps. I know how it feels not to do them. I try to stay balanced between self-love, and putting myself first without feeling guilty, but also being kind, compassionate and generous with others, because that is part of my purpose as well. I exercise regularly, ideally each morning, and start my day doing something that is for me. I carve out time for the things that fill me up, and sometimes have to say no to others if something is not going to serve me. I talk to myself all the time about being intentional with my thoughts, and choosing to stay in a positive mindset, rather than getting wrapped up in negativity. My husband and I have this conversation all the time about choosing positive thoughts, giving people the benefit of the doubt and trying to intentionally look at the glass half full. We're bad at getting wrapped up in venting or complaining, but we're helping each other vent, and then stop when its no longer serving us. I do believe you have the ability to choose your thoughts and be intentional about them, as well as your words. And finally, I choose to allow myself to be vulnerable sometimes, and am constantly working on being compassionate with myself. But as I said, it is a work in progress!” - Bailey Meek, Regional Operations Manager

I try to stay balanced between self-love, and putting myself first without feeling guilty, but also being kind, compassionate and generous with others, because that is part of my purpose as well.


“When you can't find the sunshine... be the sunshine!” - Laura, Guest Experience

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