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5 Reasons To Get Sweaty In A YHot Class

November 10th, 2017

Baby it's cold outside, and as temperatures drop, there's more reason than ever to take advantage of YYoga's signature YHot classes. 

Here's five reasons why you should embrace the heat this winter!

1. Get circulating. 

When you're hot, the body circulates blood to the periphery of your body in order to cool you down. Ever wonder why you get that oh-so-wonderful post-class glow? That's the blood near the surface of your skin. Circulation is great for bringing the essential nutrients to cells, getting rid of waste, and decreasing fluid congestion.

2. Get sweaty.

Detoxification occurs through three main channels: breathing, sweat, and elimination. Some experts believe that sweating can help clear toxins. While not everyone thinks that sweating will help you with detoxification, sweating does help you open your pores, which can get rid of grime. Some research even links sweating to the release of endorphins, which help trigger your happy feelings! 

3. Get hydrated.

When we get hot, we drink more water. As your YHot teacher will tell you, "drink plenty of fluids after class!" Flushing the body with water is excellent for hydrating your body and also helps spark your other detoxification systems. 

4. Get flexible.

We already know that getting warm promotes blood flow to muscles but did you know it can help soften up connective tissues, which can help with mobility? Feeling tight and cranky? Practicing in a hot room may give your body the extra love it needs to open. While flexible yogis should refrain from pushing their practice to its limits in this environment, stiffer yogis may find that the hot room gives their body the extra loving care it needs to find a great stretch.  

5. Get fit. 

If you love sweating, but your body may not be up for the impact of YFit or other group exercise, YHot offers a way to get a great sweat on while staying low-impact. Also, because our signature YHot style is easy on the wrists and hands, you can delight in the challenge of this style even when you are working with a condition that makes weight-bearing on the hands challenging. 

Don't have time for a class? We've still got you covered. Stop by for a twenty minute sauna and delight in everything the heat has to offer.

If you're interested in becoming YHot certified, instructors Hillary Keegan & Lisa Sanson are leading a one-weekend YHot training starting November 17th! Late registration will be held until November 14th. Come deepen your practice and warm up with YYoga! 

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