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Be inspired. Feel good. Live Well.

YYoga offers a wide variety of wellness treatments from practitioners in every area including RMT, acupuncture, chiropractors and dietitians. Add to your experience by trying one of these services. Many extended health care plans cover all or part of the cost for most services. Check your plan today.  Available at select centres.

Wellness Services

  • Registered Massage Therapy

    A relaxing and therapeutic way to address muscle tension, stress, anxiety, and overuse injuries.


  • Chiropractic

    A safe and effective holistic approach to neuro-musculo-skeletal (MSK) complaints. 

  • Naturopathic Medicine

    A holistic and natural approach to treating health conditions through diet, lifestyle, supplements, and lab analysis. 

  • Registered Dietitian

    Trained in giving advice about food, nutrition and diet to help you achieve some of your health goals. 


  • acupuncture

    Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine

    Used for thousands of years by treating the imbalance of energy in the body causing the disease. 

  • Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

    A holistic approach combining touch, movement & dialogue to connect physical & emotional selves, deepen self awareness & enhance well-being.

  • Clinical Counselling

    A therapeutic use of relationship to facilitate self-knowledge & acceptance, enhance & promote positive growth, as well as mental, emotional & physical well-being.

  • Certified Quantum-Touch®

    Trained in raising vibration through thoughts and awareness exercises, a Certified Quantum-Touch® Practitioner helps you relieve physical and emotional pain. 

  • Yoga Rehab

    A one on one session with a chiropractor / yoga instructor using yoga and rehabilitative exercise to overcome pain and injury.

  • Acupressure Tui Na & Cupping Treatment

    Tui Na is a form of Traditional Chinese Massage using kneading, rolling, pressing, rubbing along acupressure points.