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Our Yaletown centre is located on Homer Street in Vancouver's trendiest neighborhood. Find yourself a sanctuary of strength and spirit, and a yoga community that invites you to celebrate life and explore the essence of being.  Our center is a uniquely designed space that works to bring you a phenomenal life-enhancing experience.

Yoga Classes include: Power, Core Power, YHot, YHot Core, Flow, Hatha, and Warm Yin.

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Today, April 24, 2014

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Yaletown features:

  • 2 yoga rooms
  • Bamboo floors
  • Full service amenities: showers, hair dryers, organic and toxin-free shower products
  • Mat & towel service
  • Boutique featuring products from local, natural, ethical & sustainable designers & brands

Your Ego is Lying - You are Flexible Enough for Yoga!

I can’t touch my toes. Therefore, I can’t practice yoga.

Who says being flexible defines how good we are at practicing yoga? 

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Modifications for Wrist Pain in Yoga

It can be frustrating, and not to mention painful, to be limited in our yoga practice by wrist discomfort. Read these top 5 modifications to decrease wrist pain in yoga and get back to practicing to your fullest.

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Why privates? Be introduced to the fundamentals of yoga through personalized attention while you ask questions and break down postures. Learn More

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